Project Cargo – Experts in Agricultural Shipping and Freight Forwarding

Moving and shipping agricultural equipment and machinery presents its own unique challenges. Your machinery or pieces of equipment are quite often remotely located, large or oversized and they require special attention to unique details and careful dismantling from a Freight Forwarder moving it around the world to your destinations.

Fortunately, SR International Logistics is a U.S.-based company whose founders both come from farming backgrounds in America’s heartland. Because of their agricultural roots, they know exactly how to address and manage your logistics when you are looking for a shipping company to handle agricultural equipment moves. From purchase to dismantling your pieces, to delivery to your final destinations, we have your projects covered.

  • Since SR International Logistics’ beginnings, many decades ago, we’ve always focused on how to help the agricultural businesses with their global freight forwarding needs.
  • We’ve handled and managed the dismantling, shipment and reassembly of agricultural equipment of just about every kind (tractors, combines, cultivators, discs, trailers, irrigation systems, silos, etc.), almost anywhere you would like to ship.
  • We’ve shipped farming and agricultural equipment internationally for more than 20 years.

When you need a shipping company with experience you can trust on your agricultural moves, look no further than SR International Logistics. We have the knowledge AND background you need to get your projects done right. For help on your Agricultural Shipping Projects contact SR International Logistics, Inc., at email:, or 720-855-3115.