Project Cargo -- Project Freight Forwarding

Equipment hauling, project scheduling and logistics management are critical efforts in many lines of business. That's why you need someone with experience to guide you through each step.

Luckily, large projects and cargo forwarding (Air & Ocean Chartering) are what we do best at SR International Logistics. We are an industry leader, with a proven track record in logistics management.

From purchase orders to deliveries, you can depend on us as your go-to team. We believe in open communication throughout the whole process. Your purchasing team can count on us to make sure your shipments go smoothly and your cargo arrives according to schedule.

  • We can guide you from the planning and budgetary phase of your project through the final delivery. We work closely with your purchasing team to assist in expediting your purchase orders and stay in constant contact with each supplier to make sure that they are on schedule.
  • We give your Critical Path items the highest priority and participate in your project planning meetings.
  • We perform risk assessments to ensure that all factors are considered and potential risks are identified in order to provide very aggressive expediting services tailored to fit your project.
  • We can guide you through complex logistical challenges and help you analyze important project requirements. We will work closely with you so that all goods will be carefully transported, according to your desired time frame.
  • We provide you with full service solutions for your projects, of all sizes and industries, as they relate to safety, performance, and cost. Excellence and commitment to your project or job is our number one goal.

Need help with Project Forwarding? Contact us today to learn more about our history as an industry leader and to get started, or (720) 855-3155.